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How many people have made a new year’s resolution?

Why should you set yourself a new resolutions in the first place?

Chances are you will failed last year and you are having another go in accomplishing your new year’s resolution in the first month if you don’t have a compelling enough reason why you should stick to it.

Have you tried changes in life and failed?

Have you found it difficult to stay motivated long enough to see your goal?

Let me help you find your unconquerable inner power, drive and unrelenting passion. I am not talking about your will power. It is your Why Power. Why Power will drive you to move mountains, swim oceans and walk through fire to accomplish goals.

Let’s share few examples to make it clear.

Imagine If I placed a 10” wide and 30 ft. long plank on the ground and asked you to walk the length with a reward of £100 for doing so. You probably would, as that is an easy £100. But what I took that same wooden plank and placed it between the rooftops of two tall buildings? For that same amount of money would you walk cross the plank? Probably not.

However, what if your child was on the opposite building and that building was on fire and the flames were licking at your child’s neck. If you don’t cross, the child would perish. Would you cross the plank to save child? The answer would be yes.

Why is it that the first time I asked you to cross the plank between the two buildings you would say no whereas the second time you would not hesitate? The risk and danger is the same in both situations so what changed? Your Why. Your reason for walking across had changed. 

 Woman lifts 20 times her body weight  : A young woman summoned up the strength to lift a car more than 20 times her body weight to free a trapped friend, despite being injured herself.

Kyla Smith, from Sunderland, was driving her MG ZR hatchback near Washington when it left the road and hit a tree. Passenger Jonathon Connor’s leg was stuck under the car as it rolled over. So the 23-year-old lifted the car to allow him to escape, unaware that she had injured her back in the crash. Ms Smith said: “I lost control of car, it hit a pile of bricks, which hit the steering arm and made the wheels’ head for a tree. We hit the tree and the car came down on the passenger side. At this point Jonathon’s leg was outside the car and it came down on his leg. “I climbed out of the driver’s window and saw that his leg was under the car, so I grabbed the sun roof visor, and lifted the car six or seven inches to get it out. “I just knew I had to get him free and there was no-one else around at the time.” The 5ft 7in, eight-and-a-half-stone strongwoman was unaware that she was hurt herself.

You will see, when the reason is big enough, you will be willing to perform almost anything. The Power of your Why is what motivates you through the gruelling, mundane and laborious tasks. All of the how’s in your life will be meaningless until your Whys are powerful enough.

An amazing story of WHY ? Father & Son team achieved –

Until you’ve set your desire and motivation in place, you’ll abandon any new path you seek to better your life. If your “Why Power”- Your Desire – isn’t great enough and the fortitude of your commitment isn’t powerful enough then you will end up like every other person, who makes a new year’s resolution and gives up too quickly, reverting back to living a life of mediocrity.

Let me finish with these quotes “He Who has a why to live for can bear almost any how” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” -George Santayana

Have a great new year 

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