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The Importance of communication and Emotional Intelligence

For many years parents hoped their child would score highly on IQ tests. It was assumed that people with a high IQ did better in life. But, studies have shown that high IQ isn’t really a good indicator of future success. It’s only an indicator of potential. The missing piece of the puzzle is the emotional intelligence quotient or EI. Emotional intelligence is a skill that you need to improve your communication with others.

Children with a high EI:

Form Closer Interpersonal Relationships – Because they are more likely to understand emotional and social cues, they are able to form strong relationships with other people outside their family environment.

Are Able to Fit in with More Groups – Due to being able to regulate their own emotions in a healthy manner, and being able to judge how others may feel about something, they work well in a group and team settings. They often end up as leaders, but also know how to let others lead.

Manage the Stress of Life Better – Due to being aware of their emotional level and feelings, they know when to take downtime so that they can manage their stress. Life is full of stress, and people with high EI know how to notice it before it gets too far, and they take time to take care of themselves.

Are Less Likely to Suffer from Depression – Because they know how to care for themselves and ask for help when needed, people with high EI are less likely to suffer from depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Are More Likely to Show Others Empathy – People with high EI can read facial and body cues of other people and can also put themselves in the shoes of others, even if they’ve never experienced a certain event.

Are More Self-Aware – Due to having a strong connection to their feelings, they are more self-aware about what they can and cannot do. They know when to say no to something and when to say yes because they know how to be true to themselves.

Are More Assertive – Due to having an inner self-confidence, derived from their high EI, they can easily be more assertive because they know what they are capable of doing and when they have a right to express their opinion.

* Are More Self-Motivated – People with a high EI know that no one is going to do everything for them. They have to take action to get things done, and the person to take the action in them. They don’t ask “who,” they ask “why not me?”

None of these things requires a high IQ. You can have an average IQ but a high EI and still be super successful in life, perhaps more successful than someone with a super high IQ. The great thing about that is that emotional intelligence can be improved upon, learned and taught.

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